It is rare that I am ever at a “loss for words.” Yet, there I was – completely breathtaken by the chaos that was ensuing between me and one of my dearest friends (of almost 20 years, might I add). My heart was broken, and while my mind concocted a million accusations and rants, I could not find a way to sift through the endless chatter to form effective and heartfelt communication that was neither detrimental nor desperate. I contacted Stacia. I don’t know how she does it, but with minimal information, she captured not only the gravity of a few pressing, delicate issues between us, but also the tenderness that I knew was present (beneath the swirl of infinite other emotions). What she produced was accurate, therapeutic and eye-opening. The way she transcribed not only the present circumstance, but also the context of our friendship helped me to see myself more clearly, and approach my friend with confidence, compassion and a clear mind. I highly recommend I Hope This Message Finds You Well to anyone who knows the importance of right communication in all relationships. (By the way, my friend and I made peace.)

Asha T.

I came to Stacia for help with revamping my About Me and was impressed by what she wrote for me! All she really had to work with were the disconnected thoughts in my head and she constructed them to come up with a dynamic script. I would certainly hire her again. She will always be my first choice for all of my copywriting needs!

Mellany P.

I am the girl that talks too much. I don’t always have the perfect words but I am never without words. I however found myself in a situation, where day after day I would pour my heart and soul out, using my words trying to change a situation I had found myself in. Then I realised my heart and soul seemed empty and I had no words for myself.

When fate brought Stacia and I together over 20 years ago I could not have known that we met for such a time like this. I had no clue that during our journey we would both cross paths with a specific individual that would make her words even more on point when I needed them. I didn’t even know this page existed. Fate just whispered to me directing me to message Stacia one morning and when she responded, my healing begun. My wordlessness was exactly what I needed to start getting well again.

Stacia’s message did not find me well. It found me worse than I had ever been before, but it left me better than I ever thought I could be in that space and time. For that, there will never be enough words to communicate my gratitude.

Valicia P.

Up until that day, the words that I needed to express my feelings flowed effortlessly. But on this occasion, I required words that came from a place of empathy and sympathy. I was unable to produce such, as somehow I was sharing in the pain being experienced by my love. I trusted Stacia to ‘work her magic’, and she, as usual, delivered. She produced the most thoughtful, moving, fitting and tear-jerking message. In those few words, I Hope This Message Finds You Well set in motion a much needed catharsis and allowed for a healing process to truly begin. So thank you for finding the words when I couldn’t.

Safiya Y.