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Benefits of a Business Writing Service


At I Hope This Message Finds You Well, we make your content a priority and create attractive digital marketing and business writing content to grow your business and deliver incredible client experiences.

We assist in:

  • Communicating what you stand for and why your business is the only choice for your potential customers
  • Turning traffic into loyal customers with visual and verbal messaging that delivers value and satisfaction to your target audience 
  • Streamlining your ideas, time and resources for a smoother journey from startup to success!
Business partners discussing a writing project

Our Services Include: 

Content and Email Marketing

Establish and maintain brand loyalty through consistent, heart-centered messaging that promotes trust and rapport.

Data Entry and Market Research

Learn your customer’s true interests and motivations to serve their essential needs and not just surface cravings.


Document Design and Creation

Attract and retain the attention of your ideal customers with user-friendly, engaging and purposeful document designs.

Website Design, Maintenance and SEO

Build and manage a website that clearly communicates your mission alongside a solid content management strategy.


Social Media Set-Up, Scheduling and Management

Access digital storytelling and web content that makes a lasting impact on your social media network across platforms.

Videography and Editing

Create authentic and compelling visuals using the most effective storytelling tool on the Internet!


Looking for more? We create custom packages tailored to fit your business and project needs!



*Payment Terms

I Hope This Message Finds You Well accepts all global debit and credit card payments through PayPal with no additional fees.

All amounts are USD. Rates may change at any time without notice.


Referral Terms 

One (1) referral discount of 15% will be applied to one (1) request at a time.

If you refer 4 colleagues, for example, you will have the option to receive 15% off the deposit payment on four (4) future consulting requests.

The referral discount is redeemed ONLY when the referred colleague purchases a service from I Hope This Message Finds You Well.

I Hope This Message Finds You Well assumes or undertakes no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use, misuse or reliance on the information and content on this website.