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The writers and creators on our experienced international team pursue the most compelling and relevant angle for your target audience, wherever and whoever they are. We are storytellers, but also teachers. Our aim, with each project, is to leave you better equipped to eventually design and tell your own story — unaided.



Hello! My name is Stacia and I’m a reader, star wisher, light chaser, and curious mind at large. I am the founder and principal writer at I Hope This Message Finds You Well. My work has been published in the Bellevue Literary Review and Beltway Poetry Quarterly, award-winning journals focused on the human experience, health and healing, to name a few.

As a young girl, I had the strangest notion that I was made – not of organs, cells, and muscles, but – of words. Everything I surveyed was with a sense of exhilaration and of creative possession. So, I never left home without the essentials: pen, paper, and camera. Above all, I am a storyteller.

After years reading for degrees in Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Literary Journalism, and Film Production, a pattern emerged. Like Borges’ Shakespeare, my “singular happiness” is borne from truly connecting with others and expressing the message that is not mine – impartially and empathically.

As you wish, share the thoughts, emotions, and memories that you struggle to translate to the page. I promise to write that your reader – from the first letter to the last – feels your heart in your words.

I hope this message finds you well,

Stacia Yearwood



Connection to myself and others has been my North Star since I was a child. Around seven years old, I discovered words to be reliable rockets transporting me from less-than-desirable external realities to richer, truer worlds within. And, gradually, hushed, yet essential, parts of me began to peek through the windows of written raw expression. Words helped me shape my external “reality” as I integrated those hidden aspects into my outward expression. I, quite literally, wrote myself into being. So, as a client-turned-Staff Writer with I Hope This Message Finds You Well, I facilitate the same process for others through empathically-crafted messages.

For 15 years, I have written extensively for clients in the holistic health and wellness fields internationally, as well as penned scripts for numerous corporate videos. My work is published in magazines such as Ebony, Jet and The Liberator, as well as on online sites such as Elephant Journal, Esteem Yourself E-Magazine and MD Theatre Guide. Yet, my greatest joy is hearing my clients say, “That’s exactly what I feel! You said it PERFECTLY!” Above all, I live for those words!

Similarly, I approach each client exchange as an opportunity to facilitate the process of inner alchemy—transforming the lead of life’s experience to gold. Because of this writing service, I have personally experienced the power of being fully heard and accurately translated. Therefore, I am honored to pay it forward with a listening ear, open heart and ready pen.

I hope this message finds you well,

Zindzi Janaan

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As the writers and creators, we are passionate verbal and visual storytellers. We specialize in poetry, fiction, literary journalism, videography and design and have over 30 years of experience combined. Widely published, we employ our skill to capture your story, or guide you in crafting yours, so that you connect with the heart of your target audience at home, school and work. We create content customers love.

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