Love | Wedding Vows: Here and Now


I give you the best of what I have now

Rather than wrap a bouquet of plastic promises for days to come

I offer the freshness of all I am – and have – and continue to cultivate:

A garden rich with fruits for the body and spirit

A harvest into which I invite you to join with me

celebrate this bounty


I give you the best of what I have – now

a solitary granule amongst a beach of granules

captured in the soft folds of your confidence

rest in this:

precious and fragile as it is

be in this

as One sharing this breath

and we shall watch the moments being added

like individual pearls to the string of Time’s continuum.


I give you the very best of what I have – which is NOW

and may the Love in our Now

be a living vineyard

that continues to grow

throughout space, time and all dimension

ever ripening through ages

as a testimony of what can be

when two decide

to completely confide

in the power of Here and Now.


I offer you to share in the very best of what I have –

and am –



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