Student Writing Services Taking You From Brainstorm To Submission


Benefits of a Student Writing Service


At I Hope This Message Finds You Well, we understand that student success while enrolled and, ultimately, in the workplace weighs heavily on the quality of your student writing and how well you can communicate effectively using words. 


With a student writing facilitator you will:

  • Share your draft and get feedback about your writing project(s)
  • Ask questions and get advice on ways to start and boost your writing
  • Ace the written portions of job and college applications
  • Transform your academic writing goals into realities!
Student Biting Pencil

We Will Help You:

Interpret a Writing Assignment

Break down your next student writing prompt by identifying the purpose, topic and task of the assignment.

Generate Ideas

Banish writer’s block by using customized brainstorming techniques like freewriting, listing/bulleting, mind mapping and more!


Sharpen Thesis Statements

Land a clear argument by brainstorming, creating, testing and sharpening the perfect thesis statement from which to develop.

Organize Ideas and Research

Create scratch and formal outlines that help you discover how to pinpoint, connect, support, and expand on your ideas in a logical fashion.

Develop Logical Arguments

Establish a flow by skillfully evaluating sources, collecting data, and using inductive/deductive reasoning to synthesize your findings.


Refine Your Language

Utilize proven editing targets to define your “voice” and write more effective sentences, paragraphs, transitions, and conclusions.

Find Strategies for Revision

Discover powerful strategies for revision by paying attention to flow, reading your work aloud and much more!

Identify Recurrent Errors

Avoid common mistakes by building awareness through our guided explorations and full proofreading and copyediting reports.

Master Job & College Applications

Write winning resumes, cover letters and application essays by choosing the right topics and styles to highlight your strengths.



Per Assigment
  • 1 FREE phone consultation
  • Deposit Payment: $27.00
  • BONUS: Refer A Friend, Get 15% Off Deposit Payment on Next Request! *


Per Assignment
  • 1 FREE phone consultation
  • Deposit Payment: $25.00
  • BONUS: Refer A Friend, Get 15% Off Deposit Payment on Next Request! *

Looking for more? We create custom packages tailored to fit your education and project needs!


*Payment Terms

I Hope This Message Finds You Well accepts all global debit and credit card payments through PayPal with no additional fees.

All amounts are USD. Rates may change at any time without notice.


Referral Terms 

One (1) referral discount of 15% will be applied to one (1) request at a time.

If you refer 4 friends, for example, you will have the option to receive 15% off the deposit payment on four (4) future consulting requests.

The referral discount is redeemed ONLY when the referred friend purchases a service from I Hope This Message Finds You Well.


Confirming Your Student Status 

As our student rates are deeply discounted, please contact us from your school e-mail address to confirm your student status.

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