Hey Love,


I hope this message finds you well.

I have a secret to share with you: a secret responsible for some of the most profound creations of all time.


It is this: creativity needs space.


Space to do what?

… to rest, breathe, play, relax, dream (literally, take a nap) or stare off into space. And how do we unlock creativity?

Even though creativity is a boundless resource, noise and hyperactivity often block us from accessing this energetic birthright.

Whenever I’ve gotten stuck in overthinking or trying too hard to pull an idea, plan or vision into fruition, I’ve had to step back, slow down and listen deeply (in that order).


So here are my 3 key practices to help you unlock creativity.


Experiment, experience and (most importantly) enjoy!


1. Step back and give your brain a break.


Sometimes we need to stop thinking about it and seeking external answers. The best guidance for us can then appear organically. So rather than overindulging in back-to-back podcasts, TedTalks and inspirational IG posts, try a physical endeavor: walking, cooking or coloring. Doing something that doesn’t induce more thought creates the space boundless creativity needs to emerge in our lives.


2. Slow down by doing ONE thing at a time.


When I began solo-tasking, my creativity (and energy) skyrocketed. Nowadays, even when we’re doing “nothing” we’re doing a ton (like returning emails while using the bathroom). This increases activity while decreasing access to our inner wellspring of creativity.


3. Listen deeply by setting a tech-free hour each day.


It doesn’t have to be meditation, but living screen-free (if only for an hour) expands our creative awareness. Because technology gives us instant access to other people’s thoughts in record-breaking doses, it easily chokes out our ability to hear our own inner voice (the calm, brilliant voice beneath the repetitive thoughts). By implementing just one tech-free hour (no phone, tv or laptop), you create space to hear creativity speak.


Connect with us: What are some of your favorite ways to unlock creativity in your life?

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