While gurus make affirmation crafting look easy, creating effective affirmations can be anything but. For years, I followed the rules – using ‘I Am’ statements, keeping it short, putting post-its everywhere. Still, nothing changed

And I know I’m not alone. 

After years I asked myself: What am I doing wrong? 


The answer came almost immediately:

the most effective affirmations come from our center, not just our head

They’ve got to be more than another good idea.

Without further ado, here are the FIVE questions that helped me transform my affirmations. 


  • What do I want to experience in my life? Rather than creating affirmations that countered my perceived flaws, I imagined experiences I craved. I explored every aspect of life. Doing this brought me to a fun place. The best affirmations are conceived in good feeling.
  • Why are these desires important to me? All of my desires existed for one reason: joy. Just envisioning all the ways this joy could present itself literally evoked better vibes. Connecting to this root of joy in my desires inspired me to act.
  • What is one TINY shift I can make now? Feeling more joyful, I was tempted to write a long list of things I wanted to change. But since that hadn’t worked in the past, I scrapped the idea. Instead, I chose one tiny shift that I believed would shift everything. I posed it as a question to myself: What would happen if I choose joy at every turn?
  • How will this shift benefit my life? Just imagining the aspects of my life that would bloom by me choosing joy was eye-opening. So often I believed change had to be drastic to count; not true!
  • What is one true statement about me/my life after this shift? After answering the above questions, I was ready to affirm. I could actually feel the reality of the envisioned outcomes. Affirmations like Joy is my journey; I can find a kernel of joy in everything and In joy, I will, came to mind. These became my first effective affirmations


This process taught me that affirmations don’t need to be “created” as much as unearthed from within us.

There are numerous ways we can access our truest desires, and begin speaking them. And truthfully, only WE know how to do that for ourselves.

Connect with us: What are your secrets to creating effective affirmations? 💓

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